Hello and welcome

This is a site built so you can make contact with me at anytime. Ether for Dj bookings, any inquiries regarding Audi[o] / Organic promotional inquiries, networking or just to say hi... I hope this site is found to be user friendly and useful. Over the past 5 years I have been working hard toward a few of my long term goals and I am only now at a point where cropping the 'musical vine' is a close reality.. So please.., any input regarding my Dj / Audio engineering work is warmly welcomed. Please dont hesitate to send me an email, to ether ask me any questions regarding my engineering work or any other content relating to this site. You may just want to critique my production i,e dj promo's or track productions.... 

The site will also offers free tracks and Dj mixes for digital download in the coming future....



RECORD LABEL - ( Parallel Records / Pinksilver Music / WCIP / Disconnected Audio )

EVENTS - ( Organic, Audi[o], FACT ) 


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